getting to know you

Let’s jump on the phone (or meet in person) and get to know you and your business. Here are a few topics we’ll discuss: 

  • What is your business all about?
  • What makes your product/service different from the rest?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What is the main purpose of your website?
  • How will a typical visitor use your website?
  • What type of CTAs (Call To Action) are required?
  • We’ll also talk about hosting and website maintenance.

map it out 

Your sitemap is the basic blue-print of your website. We’ll work directly with you to flesh out each page required along with each pages required functionality. At the end of this process, we’ll  have a complete sitemap. 



It’s time to start building wireframes. A wireframe is the most basic form of page layout—simply identifying content areas of the page.

We’ll start with your home page, identifying text areas, photographs, graphics, forms, and links, required to meet your website goals. 

After the home page is approved, we’ll move to the next page of your website. Basically creating wireframes for each page of your website, prior to the actual design phase.


design time

Again, we’ll start with your home page. We’ll use the approved wireframe to construct a professional, modern, user-friendly design, that will look great on a desktop computer, as well as all mobile devices.

After the home page is approved, we’ll proceed with each page, carrying over the overall design and feel of the home page. Each page is approved, page-by-page.


heavy lifting

This is where the website comes alive. We’ll move from pixels to HTML. Your new website will be developed on the WordPress platform, allowing you easy control over the content of your website. 


it’s alive

We’ll provide you with a link to a fully functioning version of your website published on our server. 

This will be your first look at your new website. It’s definitely an exciting time!

If there are any changes or updates, simply let us know and we’ll take care of them. If these requests are not part of the initial scope, no problem, we’ll simply let you know how many additional hours are required to complete each request.


how things work

We’ll jump on a call with you and your team to go over the basic WordPress functionality. You’ll be very happy with the easy-of-use WordPress offers. After a 15-minute call, you’ll be confident making changes and updates all on your own.


3, 2, 1…launch

After the website has been approved, we’ll gather the relevant hosting credential to publish your website. We’ll test to be sure everything transfers perfectly, and you’ll be on your way! 


we’ve got your back

We’re not going anywhere! If you need help with anything, simply shoot us an email or give us a call. We’re happy to offer support as your business and website requirements grow.